2008 - 2014 | Marijn Poels Films has been inspiring people to care about the planet and to create understanding for the different challenges we have. For the past six years he has been reporting a huge number of stories from places who are normally not covered in the mainstream media.
The purpose is to create a platform for those who normally don't have a voice. Empowering marginalized groups, reveal politically issues and themes on human rights trough high quality and accessible reports. Enjoy below the overview of six years of independent filmmaking.
African Athletics   Nothing About Us   Straatkinderen Rio de Janeiro
African Athletics 2007   The guard 2007   Approaching Rio de Janeiro 2008
2008, Ethiopia - A packed olympic stadion in Addis Abeba during the African Athletics.   2008, Northern Ethiopia - Our guard is proving his existence to let us feel convenience.   2009, Brasil - One of the most extraordinary views from out of the helicopter while approaching "the city of God"..
India Chennai   Kumidistrict Uganda   Congo DRC
a dirty smile 2008   Administration secretary 2008   The roads of Congo 2008
2009 - An inhabitant from the slums of Chennai, Southern India, smiling at the lens.   2009 - The administration office of a local hospital in the Kumi district in the north of Uganda.   2009 - Villagers destroyed the bridges to prevent the rebels easy acces to their homes in East Congo.
Romania   Lima, Peru   Varanashi
A gipsy life 2008   A colourfull Peruvian dance 2008   The road to Varanashi 2008
2009 - Filming in the heart of a Gipsy town near the Carpaty mountains in Transalvania, Romania.   2009 - Invited in a club while shooting in Lima, Peru where the kids organised a traditional dancingnight.   2009 - On our way to Varanashi, India for the last shots needed for a seven part TV series.
Vietnam   Nairobi   Mijn naam is MAX
Pointed ladies 2009   Cleaningtime 2009   Stories of the past 2010
2010 - The ladies waiting for the men who are catching fish on a lake in Northern Vietnam.   2010 - A boy is cleaning is younger brother before the sunset in the Kiberaslum, Nairobi   2010 - Interviewing one of the nine different people who witnessed to Second World War.
Mumbay   Newsarticle01   Down The Lane
Down the slums of Mumbay 2010       A Kibera monument - Kenya 2010
2010 - On the roof of a ninestores flatbuilding capturing the slum horizon of Mumbay, India.       2011 - A monument erected in Kibera, Kenya where Poels let the locals integrating one of his filmawards.
Into the heart of the - Amazon 2011   The Niger women 2011   The words of the Koran 2011
2012 - Interviewing in the jungles of Brasil with 38 degrees and a humanity of 96%. PART 1 - PART 2   2012 - A woman pushing here boat forward trough the Niger river in a misty morning in Mali. PART 1 - PART 2   2012 - A man out of Pakistan is studying the Koran in his little hut in a vilage near Islamabad. PART 1 - PART 2
Second hand 2011   A panoramic jungleview 2011   The blue ocean 2011
On the garbageplace, smoky mountain in Manilla a working kid has found herglasses. PART 1 - PART 2   On a hill capturing the expanse view of the jungle of Sierre Leone PART 1 - PART 2   Catching the blue costline of Kenya on a high speet motorboat. PART1 - PART 2
    Voice of Peace
Piranha diner 2011   Just married 2011    
Catching Piranha's with the Surinam trio Indians in the canoos on the Corentyne river PART 1- PART 2   By goincident becoming absorved in a Indian Wedding near Bhubaneswar. PART1 - PART 2    

Documentary photography
Behind the camera's different documentary photographers traveling with Marijn Poels to capture the moments in front and behind the lens. Photographer Janpath has traveled since 2009 several times side by side with Poels and covered lots of stories.

A brief selection of five years documentary photography by Janpath.
Nicaragua   Ethiopia  
Bullriding in Nicaragua 2012   The source of the Blue Nile 2012   Prison shoes 2012
A bull riding moment at the countryside of Nicaragua.   The amazing falls near the source of the Blue Nile river in Ethiopia   Inside the prison of Ayacucho Peru where shoes are drying outside the jail.
click to play documentary   click to play   Armenia
Vulcano 2012   Fast food 2012   The living death 2012
Captured between the clouds and the Kelimutu Vulcano lakes on the Indonesian island Flores.   The older ladies in a little Kenyan Village where worried about my condition and shared a handfull of rice.   A female shepperd guiding her cattle trough the centuries old graves on a hill in Eastern Armenia.
Vietnam   ff   Wout Poels
Peacepipe 2012       A family story 2013
As a fly on the wall capturing a brake from a ricefarmer in Northern Vietnam.       Marijn Poels (right) with his Cousin Wout after the premiere of the documentary Retour in Holland.
Back to the roots 2013   Sport or Maffia 2013   An inexhaustible friend 2013
Back to the roots with a Pruvian adoptive child after twenty one years.   In the city of God revealing the inhuman preparations of the World Cup 2014 and Olympics 2016 Article   A compelling documentary in progress about the life of an 90 year old inexhaustible friend.
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