I am autodidact but so passionate about my work that I certainly believe no school in the world could teach me the obduracy I feel. No teacher on earth could educate me how the world is really functioning and certainly no university dare to explain me that the mainstream journalists are the stenographers of those in power.

No doubt, I've seen it over the past eight years working as an independent documentary maker. Between the people where it is all about, avoiding politics but absorb myself into the lives of different cultures and believes.

Iit's my biggest aim to accomplish people in a accessible way and bring socially and economically world issues under width attention. With a clear message pointed at international cooperation and human rights. Where, as much as possible, people are getting involved who want to participate in culture and society. Getting out there looking for the unpopular truth to educate, provoke and inspire the world.

I believe in a world without border. I know they are there, Politically. But films can shine through borders and highlight important issues which we need to understand to put certain challenges into perspective. Understanding different cultures is the base for tolerance, solidarity and brotherhood. Independent perspectives as objective as possible. However I must confess, I am as subjective as any other reporter in the world but I try to be integer towards a story, a problem and a solution. Not left nor right winged but in search for stories which bring us together as an international community.

We, as filmmakers, should dare to be different compared to the world media, where stories are nothing more than a political construct. Yes, it can be difficult and there are risks but that should never be a reason to ignore human rights.

And to honest…. I am a bit addicted to film in the most extreme and difficult situations you imagine. As long if there is hope, inspiration and a story wherein I can give the voiceless a powerful voice I'm at my best.

Throughout the years I managed to develop myself as an independent documentary maker and produced different TV programs and series as well. Locally, Nation and worldwide. Some of the films even are embedded in official teaching package for primary schools and universities internationally. In 2014 I was invited at the Dutch Parliament to screen a documentary about human right violations ahead of world events such as World cup football and Olympics. It motivated politicians to ask difficult political questions.

But if I need to summarize myself within one sentence: I'm nothing more than a translator between the voiceless and the public and bring those stories with entertainment, hope, confusion and inspiration.

Awards and recognitions

The Voice Of 650Million Times One
• Dody Spittal Award | Picture This, Canada 2011

Twee levens in een hart
• NL Award (NETHERLANDS) 2015

kanthari, change from within
• Audience Award | Human Doc Poland 2015
• Dody Spittal Award | Picture This, Canada 2016
• Honourable mention | Picture This, Canada 2016

Ageless Friends
• Golden Award | IIFA (Los Angeles) 2015

• Award of Excellence | Depth of Field Filmfestival 2016
• Best documentary | DSOFF (New York) 2016
• Best documentary | Magwill FF (Los Angeles) 2016

• Best documentary | Trenton Filmfestival 2016

Medal for the Peace 2011
Annually awarded in Lahore to persons who committed their selves against terrorism and violence in Pakistan and dare to coming out for human rights.

Heart of Culture 2015
Awarded in Horst a/d Maas for dealing with cultural and human aspects worldwide and therefore being an inspiration within his community.
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INFO Filmography COP
2005 | Full of smiles and Mines Cambodia
2006 | The American dream United States of America
2006 | The shadowside of a worldcity Brasil
2006 | Heideroosjes in Japan Japan
2007 | Chapter eigth, golden state United States of America
2007 | Surviving on God's Guidance ´Zambia
2008 | Millenniumwar Netherlands
2008 | Ethiopia on Wheels Ethiopia
2008 | Nothing About Us Ethiopia
2009 | L1mburg Helps I (7 Docuseries) RomaniaUgandaDRC CongoIndia
2010 | Mieke and Friends Netherlands
2010 | The voice of 650 million times one KenyaVietnam
2010 | It's not always about success WalesNetherlands
2010 | My name is Max Netherlands
2010 | Building dreams in darkness India
2011 | Down the Lane Kenya
2011 | Route 2015 (8 Docuseries) BrasilMaliSierre LeoneSuriname
2012 | L1mburg Helpt II (6 Docuseries) EthiopiaKenyaPeru
2013 | By Choice or Chance Vietnam
2013 | Retour
2013 | Christopher Peru
2013 | Pablo Brasil
2014 | Unerschöpflich Brasil
2014 | Ruimte voor de Maas
2014 |Twee levens in een hart Vietnam
2015 | L1mburg Helpt III (7 Docuseries) niquaragua
2015 | KANTHARI, change from within KenyaUgandaIndia
2016 | Ageless Friends United States of America
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'Between Two World' is a report (25 min) about independent documentary maker Marijn Poels followed one year by Ruud Lenssen. Poels travels repeatedly the world to make his documentaries to and from Europe and the zones that feel less familiar.

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