DOCUMENTARY The Uncertainty Has Settled| (Independent 2017) 90 Minutes. IMDB
A time off in the Austrian mountains brings documentary maker and journalist Marijn Poels to the roots of our culture: agriculture and its perspective in modern times.

The change from farmers to energy companies raise questions ... the scientific topic about climate change has now become incontrovertible world politics.

Are we doing the right things? An unexpected journey.
WORLD Release Februari 2017
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DOCUMENTARY Ageless Friends| (Capricorn 2015) 60 Minutes. IMDB
Dutchman Maarten Vossen was 13 years old when he adopted one of the 8,300 graves at the American Military Cemetery in Margraten. His was the grave of Private First Class James E. Wickline.

He started a quest to learn the story behind Wickline. His determination and obsession brought him very close to the life of James. An intimate story of how the 27-year-old Dutchman built a friendship with an American soldier from another time.. More
EU Release April 2016, Sittard
USA Release June 2016, Morgantown
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DOCUMENTARY KANTHARI, Change from Within| (2014) 52 Minutes. IMDB | DROPWITHOUT A BOX
Solidarity Film Doc - The film follows blind Nobel Peace Prize nominee Sabriye Tenberken and Paul Kronenberg, as they travel across East Africa to reconnect with graduates of 'kanthari'.

Challenge the old notion of aid to developing countries and vulnerable social groups! Witness courageous visionaries, affected by adversity in their lives who prove that social change has to come from within.
Release August 2015, Sopot, Poland
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DOCUMENTARY SERIES L1mburg Helpt| (2015) 182 Minutes.
Director Marijn Poels    
Producer L1 / Omroep Limburg    
Broadcasted April 26 2015    
Language Dutch    
DOCUMENTARY Twee levens in een hart| (2014) 40 Minutes. IMDB >>
More than fifty years back, the first Moroccan guest workers came to the Netherlands to fill the deficit of the Dutch labor market. Later on their women came over and received children who grew up within the Dutch culture. Going back to Morocco became a social dilemma.

A documentary about how the first generation of guest workers dealing in one life with two hearts. More information
Release November 2014, Maastricht
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DOCUMENTARY Ruimte voor de Maas| (2014) 40 Minutes, Dutch only.
In Limburg (NL) the river Maas showed its true power in 1993 and 1995. The river burst its banks. The people closed down the old river arm to prevent the most valuable area's from more damage.

Ten years later Project Office Ooijen-Wanssum starting a massive operation to re-open the old river arm and redesign the whole area in search for balance between Nature, People and economy. They face the challenge to redesign a unique concept to bend with the streams of the unconquerable Maas.

Release Oktober 2014, Horst - Venray, Netherlands
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DOCUMENTARY UnerschÖpflich| (2014) 63 Minutes. IMDB >>
Otto Nawrocki (1923) lives in Stendal (Germany), was married for 65 year with Gertrud, who died three years ago. A small man with great stories. He can talk for hours about the years he experienced in World War II.

At the age of eighty, he began to start his Athletic career, successful. In the past ten years he has already brought quit some international prizes home. As a senior athlete he is invited to the World Athletics at the Brazilian city of Porto Alegro. "His last big sportevent", he said.
Independent | MACO 2014 | MPF
Release May 2014, Upstall Cinema Stendal, Germany | CAPRICORN
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DOCUMENTARY Pablo| (2013) 39 Minutes. IMDB >>
The young lawyer Pablo Silva Cleto is involved in two legal cases in Rio de Janeiro . " The Maracaña Indians" and the case " Dayse " . The 43 -year-old mother who lost her son. Tortured to death in a youth prison by six guards .

Pablo, born in a favela, fights for justice. Especially these days that the state is doing everything to remove overt poverty From the streets . Street children are chased , abused and murdered under the name of " social cleansing " To offer the tourist a “Clean City” during the World Cup and Olympics.

Pre-premiered November 17, 2013 - Netherlands
Screened at Dutch parlemant Januari 23, 2014 - Netherlands
Trailer Building Dreams in Darkness
Trailer Building Dreams in Darkness Ministerie van VWS
DOCUMENTARY Christopher| (2013) 26 Minutes.
He was nine months old when his Peruvian mother offered him for adoption. A Dutch couple took the boy to Holland where the name “Christopher” was given to him. He grew up with the Dutch values and standards.

After twenty one years he decides to go back to Lima, his hometown. A quest trough the ancient culture, the shredded history of conflicts and poverty and in search for his authentic identity.

Broadcasted by L1 TV on November 2013
Broadcasted by NPO on November 2015
Ministerie van VWS
DOCUMENTARY Retour| (2013) 44 Minutes. IMDB >>
The Dutch Vacansoleil-DCM cyclist Wout Poels climbs his way up into the international spotlights. In the sixth stage of the Tour de France 2012 the young rider is getting involved in one of the biggest crashes ever in the Tour and is forced to leave the game. Broken ribs, punctured lung, ruptured spleen and kidney. Twelve weeks after the crash the rider climbs back on his bike and fight admirable his way RETOUR.  
  Release   March 26, 2013
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DOCUMENTARY By Choice or Chance| (2013) 40 Minutes. IMDB >>
By Choice or Chance is portraying three single mothers who are bringing the very first changes to the core values in the development process of the Vietnamese culture.

The story takes you from the very heart of the moving city to the peaceful and traditional country life where old traditions and cultures making the values.
Trailer Building Dreams in Darkness
SUBTITLES Ministerie van VWS
DOCU SERIES Route 2015| (2012) 208 Minutes. IMDB >>
The Eight part documentary series around the world portrays our planet on a unique, adventuress and breathtaking way, where various people and nature collaborating and experimenting the fight towards the biggest world challenges.


Follow Marijn Poels during the production on Twitter

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THEATER Down The Lane| (2012) 25 Minutes.
European filmmaker Marijn Poels won an international film award in Canada with his VSO documentary “The Voice of 650 Million Times One”. During the award ceremony in Calgary he renounced his award and waived it to those he filmed in the Kibera Slum in Kenya.

Trailer Building Dreams in Darkness  
DVD Building Dreams in Darkness | 30 Minutes.
India has become the world's second fastest growing economy. The south of India (Chennai) is being elevated; skyscrapers, business corporations and hotels are built in rapid succession. People from the north of India are being offered job opportunities in the south by building contractors. Whole families are transported to Chennai towork as cheap labourers in the construction industry. A generation of migrationworkers is born. The Indian initiative 'School on Wheels' brings some hope

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DVD My Name is MAX| 30 Minutes.
During the Second World War (1943-1944) approximately 123 Jewish children were smuggled from Amsterdam into families in Northern Limburg. This was done by an Amsterdam student resistance group. In the Dutch region Limburg this was led by Hanna van de Voort and Nico Dohmen. An authentic and gripping documentary about how the "own" children experienced the fact their parents took the risks between live and death to take care of the Jewish children.

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DVD The Voice of 650 Million Times One | 43 Minutes. IMDB >>
The World Health Organisations estimates that worldwide the overal number of persons with a disability is around 650 million. Inspiring people living with a disability in Asia and Africa are showing in "The Voice of 650 million" their world of exclusion regarding sexuality, HIV and reproductive health.

DVD Nothing About Us| 60 Minutes.

A moving story of ten Dutch youngsters with a disability who travelled to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, to ask attention for the shocking position of their disabled counterparts in Ethiopia.
Against the chaotic background of one of the largest cities of Africa the Dutch and Ethiopian youth practise martial arts and self defence in order to increase their empowerment

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DOCUMENTARY SERIES (TV) L1mburg Helpt| 182 Minutes. (2009)

DVD Ethiopia on Wheels| 30 Minutes.
Former tour de France cyclist Peter Winnen with Hans van Bon and Frans van Slagmaat received a call from the ministry of sport in Ethiopia to support the Ethiopian cyclists on their way to becoming international sportsmen! Because of the poverty and lack of materials the cycle sport can not be developed in Ethiopia as in many other countries.

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DVD MillenniumWAR| 50 Minutes.
How is it possible that the world is still facing so much extreme poverty and where we can find the root of these global issues. Development work exists already 60 years with the idea that the help will be unnecessary in time. But somehow this idea is more difficult than the world expected.


DVD Surviving on God's Guidance| 60 Minutes.
Filmmaker Marijn Poels travels 20 days in an adventurous way through the African Republic Zambia. The stunning landscape with all his natural wonders and fascinating colours are seen through the lens of the filmmaker.


DVD The Shadowside of a worldcity| 11 Minutes.
Rio de Janeiro can measure themselves with modern western cities despite the poor favela's extending defiantly down from the mountains as lava into the city. Thousands of children are living in the streets, those who have fled the hard life in the favela's. Not seldom they get killed by corrupt policemen by order of hotel managers.

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DVD Ful of Smiles and Mines| 34 Minutes.
Despite the two decennia repression of the Red Khmer, Cambodia preserved her special culture and nature. Filmmaker Marijn Poels traveled five weeks in an adventurous way through that impressive Cambodia. A striking expedition which revealed the hidden beauty behind the deep scars of an unfair war.

    Ministerie van VWS

DVD Mieke and Friends| 25 Minutes.
Mieke van Uden, an artist from the south of Netherland brought 54 artists across Europe together who are all willing to unite a work of art. The Dutch artist has copied 54 times a ceramic image and gave the copies to the other artists so they can edit it in their own style, vision and creativity.

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Photo exposition 2009: L1mburg Helpt | Stills around the globe.
A woman from the slums near the heavily polluted Adyar River reflecting the tough live in her face. Photo: Anja Datema
A patient with leprosy is waiting patiently for consult in the Kumi district hospital. Photo: Janpath
Although their school is still heavily damaged, the children of East Congo are getting alphabetized. Photo: AP
The rolling hills in front of the Karpaty mountains in Transylvania are place for the lonely shepherds. Photo: Maik Hagens
A street child is, numbed by the glue, sleeping under a bridge in the center of the city. Photo: René Poels
On the Karpaty mountains 5000 Ft high an old Romanian cheese farmer in his Smokey house Photo: Maik Hagens
people near the Ganges offer prayers in large numbers during the Mahashivaratri festival. Photo: AP
A guitar player is hired by a family to sing songs for the dead on the biggest graveyard against the dusty hills of Lima Photo:Janpath
The kids of Eastern Congo are the future of tomorrow. Photo: AP

DVD The White Lady of the Broken Ruins| 20 Minutes.
July, 1975 midsummer night - Four friends from Grubbenvorst (the Netherlands) met with a mysterious accident after visiting the castle ruins. The region Limburg were more often startled by similar ghost stories like the phenomenon of a white lady on top of the ruins of the castle. July, 2006 midsummer night- Marijn Poels is in search of this story which has been lost in time to find the true story behind it. In the end he will be facing the myth on top of the ruins.

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DVD A Year in the Life of...| 120 Minutes.
The biggest punk group of the Netherlands called Heideroosjes was filmed for one year by filmmaker Marijn Poels. One of the climaxes of this two and a half hour DVD is an account of their tour in the United States of America. Followed by backstage reports of Pinkpop, AB Brussel and Torhout Werchter. Poels filmed also while the band is rehearsing and on the road. "All the fun and painful things a band is facing are shown on this DVD" says the singer of the band Marco Roelofs.

DVD The White Lady of the Broken Ruins| 20 Minutes.
Marijn Poels converted his dream into reality; creating a movie surrounding king arthur's myth and in particular the wizard known as merlin. along with five inseperable friends he formed the organisation of this mega-production. Hollywood style effects and nine years of production time all for the measly budget of zero euros. The project came to an unexpected halt on the editing table and the red carpet turned into blue tears with the accompanying message: "it's not always about success". .

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DVD Chapter Eight...Golden State| 20 Minutes.
At the end of 2006 the Heideroosjes went for three months to California, Hollywood to work on their new album in the studio's of producer Cameron Webb.

Marijn Poels joined the group with his camera and produced an intimate backstage documentary of hard working punks, enervating days and the eternal fellowship of the group in the land of the great!

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Inspirational shortclips
  ICH UND MEIN SCHATZ Watch Worl Pavolion   WORLD TREES Watch World Trees
An inconvenient mirror towards the society today. How social media is controlling peoples live. The urge to create the perfect profile which contrasts reality.

Directed for Rode Microphones
National World Trees Days (NWTD)in de region Venlo (The South of Netherlands) was held on february 2011. In 12 countries around the globe lots of children planted trees. Finally the NWTD was offiially opened with this inspirational videoclip.

Inspirational shortclips
  UNITED TIBET Watch United Tibet (Heideroosjes) Watch My Funeral (Heideroosjes)   MY FUNERAL HR IN JAPAN Watch Heideroosjes in Japan
Length: 3.35 m
Year: 2006
Length:3.49 m
Year: 2007
Length: 5.35 m
Year: 2008