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a list of questions to ponder before considering a yoga teacher training

A Yoga Teacher Training program as described on Yogitimes post is a life-changing experience. People from various walks of life will be in your group, with diverse ideas and mindsets, all brought together from a love of Yoga and Hot. It's easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm when you initially decide to become a teacher. There are several courses to choose from, all of which seem fantastic.

The majority of Yoga Teacher Training create their curriculum. Because there is no centralized organization that defines the curriculum, the quality and substance of courses might vary considerably. In the excitement of the moment, though, it's easy to overlook the telltale signals that distinguish the most remarkable methods from the others.

This article will provide you with a list of easy questions to ask to help you balance your choice while selecting the best Yoga Teacher Training program for you.

How many hours of interaction will I have?

The time you engage with a class teacher or another professional designated by the course leader is called contact hours. You won't always get 200 hours of actual face-to-face teaching if you take a 200-hour course. Studios may technically consider your homework time as part of the 200-hour requirement, which is not against the rules. However, some may think this to be poor practice: you may want to be taught for the entire time you have paid for – and then homework is truly homework. Before enrolling in a Yoga Teacher Training program, be sure you know how much time you'll spend with a professional.

Is there a limited number of persons who can attend the Yoga Teacher Training?

The number of students in each class is crucial. During a teacher training course, people might go through many physical and emotional changes, and there is a lot of new material to absorb. Therefore, it is critical for the course leader to develop a positive working connection with everyone to identify and assist anyone who requires assistance. If the gathering is greater than 14, some people may become disoriented in the hive. Before enrolling in a Yoga Teacher Training course, double-check with the provider.

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