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Find out about the ESA Rights in California - 2022 Guide

Emotional support animals are not only a pleasure to have, rather they are a necessity if you have some sort of mental or psychological condition. As there are conditions to have pets or other supporting beings it is important to have a valid ESA letter. It is more like a permit that allows you to have the company of the pet wherever you go. so, one should make sure that he has got the right and authentic ESA letter, and the authentication can be done by having your letter checked or by comparing your letter with the samples that are available on the internet.

The very first thing is to train your dog about hygiene. It means you should first train your dog about managing the schedule for the toilet. You can do this by making your dog visit the same place every day and at the same time.

Then you should train your dog about sitting on the bed and the sofa. It is important because if a dog will not be trained to sit on the sofa, he might face issues such as getting his nails stuck or sitting in the wrong posture. While training the dog, make sure you are using words such as ‘good’ and’ yes’. In some of the examples, you can also use a Dog Whistle. It will help to train your dog quickly because dogs respond more quickly to the sounds when compared to the phrases.

After your dog has learned all about sitting, teach your dog ‘stay’. It means to teach your dog to rest in a calmer manner. Keep emotional support animal letter repeating the word stay while your dog is sitting on the mat, try to open his palms towards you, and let him rest. It will train him about sitting idle in the house without getting uncomfortable. The use of the word ‘stay’ will help the dog learn about the stay position and whenever you will call him to stay, he will actually rest back.

The same practice of ‘stay’ should be used while teaching the dog to “come”, “run” and follow”. All these postures are important to help a dog feel comfortable and they will also help you to be easeful while calling the dog.

There are some tips and ideas that should be followed to train the ESA dog. Firstly, it is the responsibility of an owner to have an esa letter for housing. After that, you should train your dog in a manner that both, you and your dog are comfortable.

When it comes to checking the response of your dog, try to mimic that you have got an anxiety attack and try to observe the response of your dog. It will help you understand how the dog will act if the same thing happens in reality. If the response of the pet is not up to the mark, you should send him for training and it will help him learn all the actions required of him.

One of the most important things to consider while training the dog is to consider the dog a human child. Rather than getting angry, make sure you are very polite and flexible. It will not only help the dog to learn more quickly but it will create a positive bond between both of you. Also, don't forget to offer your dog treats when he performs well. It will encourage positive behavior and the dog will start caring for you. In most cases, dogs are not responsive because they are not treated in the required manner and it makes them aggressive which affects the emotions of the dog.

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