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How To Change Your Apple Watch Band

Third-party Apple Watch bands are gaining momentum. With Apple Watch growing in popularity, as apps like ipad app for scanning documents, watch accessories are getting better and classier too. Maybe you’ve had the watch for a while and just bought a designer band, or perhaps, you recently bought both watch and band; either way, swapping the watch band is fairly easy. Here’s how.

First, you want to make sure the screen is protected. Find a cloth or soft surface to set the watch face down on.

On either end of the watch are two oblong ovals. One at a time, press the oval and slide the band either left or right. Be sure to hold down the release oval so the band doesn’t get stuck. Repeat on the opposite end of the watch to remove the second band.

Take the new band. Make sure the underside of the band is facing you and slide until you feel it click into place. Repeat with the second band. While you are changing your Apple Watch band, it is a great idea to clean the band to make sure it looks and feels fresh. You should clean your band regularly, especially if you like to track swimming workouts with your Apple Watch.

Be sure not to force anything. If you don’t hear or feel the band click into place, slide the band left and right until it clicks. When properly in place, the band won’t slide unless the release button (oval) is pressed. Before buying new bands to wear with your watch, check out this Apple Watch band size guide!

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