WORLDRELEASE PARADOGMA, a plea for challenging our worldview

PARADOGMA, the second documentary within the planned trilogy of Dutch documentary maker Marijn Poels, will have its online world release on March 31th, 2019

videostill: PARADOGMA

Deep, canyon-like valleys have divided our beliefs and worldviews and transformed political and cultural disagreements into a kind of tribal warfare. Those who do not agree and comply to societies narrative are sentenced to smear campaigns or simply pushed of the cliff as heretics — all for the common good of course. This narrative is driven by an often misled sense of responsibility as well as by fear of what the future will bring if we lose our sense of security and commonality. In the current predominant paradigm the idea is that we will all fall into infinite darkness if ‘the other side’ does not repent or come to its senses. Polarization is of all times. When we are a minority our animal instincts warn us to constantly be on the lookout for predators, when we are the dominant majority our instincts encourage us to searchh for prey. In both cases the message is: survive. A chilling effect occurs when both instincts completely disconnect and detach from what separates us all from animal species: our sense of humanity. In today's ‘consensus society’ — where the majority decides and the minority is excluded — critical questions are suspicious or seen as dangerous. Any room for nuance underlying our beliefs and experiences seems to have evaporated in the heat of on ongoing battle for ‘the truth’. But feelings and facts have become interwoven. Truth seeking has been replaced by feelings of righteousness and compliance to society’s dogmas. That is why I made the documentary PARADOGMA. It is the second part of the planned trilogy. (Part one was about the crisis in the energy- and climate debate). In PARADOGMA I try to remove people from their extreme positions — to trade consensus for doubt. I learned that listening to each other on a deeper level, creating understanding, works. Even towards extreme positions. It is my belief that this is the only way to free the extremes from their illusionary superiority and bring us back to a common ground. The climate debate, which I explored in my first film, is a good example. Regular media have moralized the theme at an early stage: "Our parents have done something wrong, we have to solve it, we are responsiblele for our children and grandchildren." The concept of guilt has taken centre stage, so any critical question has become immoral in advance. This mechanism has locked us out of our free thinking and paralyzed the debate. Other themes like ‘Russian collusion’, migration, European Union and geopolitics work by the same methods. Non-critical, consensus based thinking is ironically more often imposed by dominant, progressive liberals. I consider myself a liberal but I loathe the position of superiority liberalism has used to increasingly and aggressively reject the very foundation on which it’s ideas where based. The Enlightenment meant introducing citizens to different perspectives so they could form their own opinion. Democracy only works when there is a sense of participation in the decision-making process. Our room for debate has becoming smaller and mechanisms such as political correctness, identity politics and collective guilt have left us wrestling with words and hurt feelings rather than ideas and solutions. While most solutions to real-life problems can only be found outside the boundaries of politically correct thinking. French political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville predicted all this in the 18th century; that democracy will eventually be abolished democratically. That governments will force societies into a network of complicated, detailed and uniform regulations, equalizing even the most original and wilful minds. De Tocqueville also predicted that many obstacles would be imposed on personal activities, which would ultimately extinguish every personal initiative. Without having to act tyrannically, he claimed, people would be silenced and unwilling to explore their ideas.

We have to release the pressure from the cooker in our society if we want to prevent an explosion. An explosion means we will have fallen back into a struggle for survival in which all forms of humanity will disappear and we will once again be wild beasts in search for a prey.




Paradogma is now available worldwide on Vimeo.