In premiere - 8 Nov.
How the first generation of guest workers are dealing in one life with two hearts. See trailer
Marijn Poels currently abroad.
Hi there, Currently I'm traveling around the globe from Sept. 2014 untill May 2015 to produce a seven part documentary series. I therefore cannot answering all incoming mails as frequent as I want. A facebook message might work a bit faster for me. On irregular times I will try to post messages through facebook.

- New release | Ruimte voor de Maas   New release| Unerschopflich   Article | Tainted with Carioca Blood

    A massive operation in the north of Limburg (NL) to re-open the old river arm of the Maas and redesign the area in search for balance between Nature, People and economy.
  Otto Nawrocki (91) began at the age of eighty, with his Athletic career. As a senior athlete he is invited to the World Athletics at the Brazilian city of Porto Alegro. "His last big sportevent", he said. SEE TRAILER
  Rio de Janeiro wants to get rid of visible poverty in the streets. Especially now that the region attracts the world media due to the Olympics in 2016 coming up.

- Online screening | Pablo   Online screening | Retour   Blog | Behind the camera (Dutch/UK)

    The young lawyer Pablo Silva Cleto fights for justice . Especially these days that the state is doing everything to remove overt poverty From the streets . Street children are chased , abused and removed. SEE TRAILER or WATCH MOVIE
  In the sixth stage of the Tour de France the rider Wout Poels is getting involved in one of the biggest crashes ever and is forced to leave the game. 12 after the crash the rider climbs back on his bike and fight admirable his way RETOUR. WATCH MOVIE
  Read the "behind the cameral blogs" Marijn Poels is writing during his travels. From Easthern Europa to the Amazone jungles and from the states to the Phillipines. Mostly written in Dutch.
- Online screening | By Choice or Change   Documentaryseries | Route 2015   Quality Mark | Humane Event

    By Choice or Chance is portraying three single mothers from Vietnbam who are bringing the very first changes to the core values in the development process of the Vietnamese culture. Visit WEBSITE
  The Eight part documentaryseries around the world portrays our planet in a adventuress and breathtaking way where people collaborating and experimenting the fight towards the biggest worldproblems. READ MORE
  We fight for a Humane Event, a socially responsible event. Not only in sports, but also for other important worldmeetings. Like this facebook page and put pressure on the FIFA, IOC and politics. BECOME A FOLLOWER