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 I am autodidact but so passionate about my work that I certainly believe no school in the world could teach me the obduracy I feel. No teacher on earth could educate me how the world is really functioning and certainly no university dare to explain me that  mainstream journalists are the stenographers of those in power. 

No doubt, I've seen it over the past eight years working as an independent documentary maker, mainly in development countries.

It's my biggest aim to accomplish people in an accessible way and bring socially and economically world issues under width attention. With a clear message pointed at international cooperation and human rights. Where, as much as possible, people are getting involved who want to participate in culture and society. Getting out there looking for the unpopular truth to educate, provoke and inspire the world.

I believe in a world without border. I know they are there, Political. But films can shine through borders and highlight important issues which we need to understand to put certain challenges into perspective. Understanding different perspectives is the base for tolerance, solidarity and brotherhood. Independent and as objective as possible. However I must confess, I am as subjective as any other reporter in the world. But I try to be integer towards a story, a problem and a solution. Not left nor right winged but in search for stories which bring us together as a community.

We, as filmmakers, should dare to be different compared to the world media, where stories are nothing more than a political construct. Yes, it can be difficult and there are risks but that should never be a reason to ignore human rights and freedom of speech. 

But if I need to summarize myself within one sentence: I'm nothing more than a translator between A and B and bring those stories with entertainment, hope, confusion and inspiration.

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