Thank you so much for your donation!

I really appreciate the fact that there are people who see the values of independent documentaries.

I believe in the importance of having different opinions to stay critical and focused on important system shifts and against rusted paradigms. The debate is politicized and dogmatized, our dialog is gone. Those who think differently are deuced and mocked down by public opinion.

It's the consensus culture where we live in which inhibits civilization and free thinkers. I do not blame the people but the mainstream system, where ruling media and film platforms are forcing political propaganda down our throat. I think there lies our duty.


Exposing the suffocating debate and giving oxygen to it by giving perspectives a worthy voice. When people are better informed then democracy can rule! A misinformed democracy can even be more dangerous than a dictatorship.

We’re living in a period where we will face big system shifts in power. Politically, economically and in terms of media. The old mainstream media structures are slowly cracking down. New media is on the rise and giving me great independence - thanks to your donation.

I’m steadfast as ever before to continuing in independent stories and currently working on part III of the trilogy. Besides that, I planned a couple of extra interviews online with great thinkers and extraordinary persons!


I couldn’t do it without the support of you and therefore thank you so much!  For me an extremely hopeful way in breaking through the barriers of power. I feel strengthened!

Marijn Poels