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Marijn Poels documentary PARADOGMA selected at DOC-VILLE film festival Belgium with discussion.

Should every opinion get a platform? Or are there opinions that are so opposed to the prevailing consensus that they have to be banned? PARADOGMA is an intriguing documentary that makes you think”. That is what the jury of the Belgian film festival wrote about Poels his newest film which will be shown on March 29th.

The International Documentary Film Festival Docville is an Oscar Qualifying annual documentary film festival set in Leuven, Belgium. It is the only annual, competitive documentary-only film festival in Belgium. Docville is one of 28 film festivals in the world whose jury award winning film will be placed on the longlist of the documentary feature category for the Academy Awards

​​When filmmaker Marijn Poels released his controversial documentary The Uncertainty has Settled, he himself experienced the consequences of questioning climate science. He was praised by some and condemned by the other. Through a series of interviews with international newsmakers and thinkers, including Jordan Peterson and Alexandr Dugin, Dutch filmmaker Marijn Poels examines the new phenomenon of the moralization of political issues - the trend toward seeing our ideological adversaries as evil instead of just different. How free and liberal is the West? And should we ignore or embrace other perspectives?

The festival has also invited Poels to be present for a discussion round on the 29th of March. The discussion will be followed by a DOCVILLE + table discussion


Visit the official website of PARADOGMA

Entrance tickets can be booked via: BOOK YOUR SEAT


Screeningaddress: Cinema ZED - Vesaliusstraat 9C, 3000 Leuven




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